Who Do I Serve?

This membership is for new and current coaches who are a little overwhelmed, a little lost and looking to build their own roadmap, who want accountability and support but all are welcomed. I meet you right where you are. Coaches, Course Creators, Presenters, Educators, (Any Niche) will benefit from this membership.

Your Monthly Content

•Monthly Fresh Content

•Digital Planner

•Printable Planner

•Digital Lead Magnet

•Printable Lead Magnet

•Monthly Essential Oil Formula for diffuser

•Monthly Theme

•Themed Articles

•Themed Blog Posts

•Themed Social Media Posts

•Coordinated Presentation Slides (10)

•2 Co-Working Sessions

•1 Video Walkthrough of this month’s content

•Private Platform for chats/videos/live workshops

•1 Live Q & A

A Few Hidden Benefits

New Monthly Insider’s Course

Guest Speakers

Podcast Practice

Motivational Group Coaching

Monthly Networking Session

Fellow member’s insight and

Membership Directory

Come join me on my Founding Member’s Launch

Let me help you take some of the stress away from your day.

The doors will be open for 10 days for this launch at the price of $37.00/month. 

You get lifetime pricing at $37.00/month if you join during the Founding Member Launch.

When the doors re-open the price will increase to $67.00/month