I am Sharon Kinnier and my business partner in this endeavor is LaKisha Mosely. We have joined forces to try and bring not only some light and freshness to an old friend, PLR. We want to bring current and pertinent information to users who are interested in opening their own PLR shops as well as those who are interested in writing their own PLR.

PLR is an important part of a content creator's life. It is useful in so many ways. It is important that you understand how to use it legally, and how it can best serve you. Because PLR is so broad there is an entire world available to you. The beauty here is if your world doesn't exist and it's your specialty, I can help you create it. If there is a job you do, someone is looking for PLR for it.

PLR has gotten a reputation of being stale and old. Language evolves as we evolve and so LaKisha and I believe that PLR should evolve to reflect today's society. Let us help you freshen up your PLR stuff!

This Basic Membership will offer:

  • 2 bite-sized self study modules
  • Growing library of scripts, workbooks, templates, planners and journals
  • Worksheets, strategies, and workbooks on understanding PLR in the Facebook group
  • Each month a new tool, template, planner or journal with full PLR rights will drop
  • 1 Co-working session every month
  • 1 Done-For-You Package with video walkthrough


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