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  • My Vision Board Planner

    My Powerful Vision Board Planner


    My Vision Board Planner is a complete planner for helping you reach your goals.  It comes with worksheet templates built in to help with the self-improvement journey throughout the year.  It offers many templates to help keep you on track throughout the year.

    The package comes with stickers and icons for use with the journal.  It also comes with Canva templates for iPad and iPhone so that it is easy to access throughout the day.  Be sure to include your vacations, family time, large purchases you want to make, places your want to visit, as well as simple things like taking time for yourself to nap on an afternoon.  Make the goals obtainable.  Have to stretch a little but not so that you would end up discouraged.

    This planner/journal is easy to use and will prove helpful each day that it is used.  Over time you will find more ways to use this in your daily life making your life easier and the information you need more accessible.

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