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Get The Beginner's Coach Bundle

I can help you work through your confusion. With clarity, I can help you build the roadmap of your coaching program that suits you best. No cookie-cutter roadmaps here. 

This products consists of 6 individual workbooks to walk you through the process of defining your strengths, weaknesses, values, core beliefs and last but not least your niche.

And most importantly, you need to have the confidence and belief in yourself to make it happen. Beginner's Coach Bundle can get you started the right way.

Nail Your Niche Mini Workbook  – helps you to define your audience.  Helps to give you an overview of your targeted audience.

Core Value Clarity – it's good to know where and what you stand for and this workbook helps you get clarity on your values.

SWOT Analysis – an excellent workbook to help you define your areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Wheel of Life – gives you an overview of your life balance and in areas where you are exceeding and areas that may need more work.

SMART Goals – a goal setting workbook using the S.M.A.R.T to  help you set attainable goals

Tools & Resources – this workbook offers a place to keep all of the tools and resources that you have or will gather for easy access.






3 reviews for Beginner’s Coach Bundle

  1. Talking Gurus (verified owner)

    “If you are just starting out on your coaching journey this is a great place to start. This bundle has worksheets that will help you not only nail your niche but to also figure out your target audience and how to serve them. I also found it helpful to have prompts that I can use with working with future clients. This is definitely a great tool for anyone starting their coaching journey.” Taima, Ta

  2. Talking Gurus (verified owner)

    The beginner’s coach bundle is a must-have for anyone new to the online space and needs clarity on what to focus on. I’ve tried many different tools and programs to try and figure out my coaching niche in the past (and failed miserably), so I was a little skeptical about whether this contained the magic key. It does! I was guided through a series of surprisingly simple but super thought-provoking questions, and after completing them, I had 100% clarity.
    And the guidance on how to ask questions to get the most value out of a coaching community is pure gold.

  3. Talking Gurus (verified owner)

    Beginner Coaches will find Talking Gurus bundle a comprehensive packet of worksheets to explore each of these questions.

    Coaches will walk away with:
    Their personal WHY they are in this coaching business.
    A detailed summary of their ideal niche client.
    The specific problem the client faces.
    The unique and valuable solutions the coach can provide to solve that client’s problem.

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