Your Rights

When you purchase a Planner with Private Label Rights from Talking Gurus, the following will apply UNLESS a product-specific license is included with your purchase:

Special Notice:

  • Some of the planners, journals, workbooks, calendars or notepads may contain clipart. Please be aware that if there is a link for the clipart – YOU MUST INCLUDE THE LINK for the clipart to remain legal.
  • If there is no link, it is because I have purchased a license to use the clipart. For you to resell the planner you must purchase your own license from the artist or include a link to their work. Each artist has their own requirements so you will need to research their license to find what solution works best for you. Each completed work from me will always contain a link to the artist and their contact information.

You May:

  • Create and sell an unlimited number of products from the elements included in each Planner
  • You may sell the end product at any price or use the end product as a giveaway to generate leads, or as a bonus
  • Offer Resell or Private label Rights to the new products that you create minus any artwork that is not licensed to you.
  • Use the design elements, including Banners, Frames, Overlays, Covers and page templates with the design elements and graphics and templates from other sources without limit
  • Sell on your own website, online marketplace or any other method as long as the end product does not violate the rules of that marketplace.

You May NOT:

  • Claim copyright for the end designs without making substantial changes to the original elements. If the source design elements are clearly identifiable, you will not be able to claim copyright
  • Use the name of Talking Gurus in any way unless promoting the offer as an affiliate of Talking Gurus
  • Re-sell the entire Planner ‘As Is’ without making substantial changes, additions or modifications to the core product. 
  • Edit any image delivered to you as a PNG or JPEG so as to remove a portion of the image and use in another project on it’s own as this is a violation of the Terms Of Use of the images: For example: You cannot remove a single rose from a frame of roses on a cover.png to use in another project on its own or to sell as part of a graphics offer.

If you have any questions about a specific use of the products please contact us at